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Large Dog Suites &
Comfortable Cat Condos

Your dog or cat deserve comfort and quality care when you are away. You deserve peace of mind, knowing your pet is being cared for by a highly compassionate team of caregivers focused on your pet’s wellness, comfort, and safety. Our boarding services have been designed to provide the quality care and attention your pet deserves.

In a spa-like environment with a hint of eucalyptus and mint, our boarding kennels, dog suites, and cat condos are comfortable, peaceful, and bright to help our guests feel more at home. As an AAHA-accredited hospital, our mission to provide excellence in health care extends throughout our boarding services.

Sight lines between pets are minimized to reduce stress and barking. Boarding suites are infused with Dog Appeasing Pheromone and Feliway feline pheromones to promote a peaceful, relaxed experience for your pet.

Our Kennels

Our kennel areas were designed with your pet’s comfort and stress level in mind. Our oversized dog suites allow dogs from the same family to room comfortably together. The glass doors provide an open yet secure feeling, allowing plenty of natural light.

Our new cat condos give our feline guests a roomy and bright place to relax, away from other pets. All cat condos have a window view, providing the outside entertainment of the bird feeders while relaxing in their private condo. Raised perches and private hideaways help address the special needs of our feline friends.

Staff attend to guests by offering attention as needed—even independent cats need to cuddle occasionally. We also know that providing a clean, separate litter area is so important to our discerning feline guests.

Cat condos are aligned so the visiting cats do not have sight lines to other guests they do not know, a known stressor to territorial felines. Multiple cats from the same household may stay together in a two-story condo with up to four living rooms.

Prepare your feline companion for a trip to Village Vet with these helpful tips.

Camp VVMC: Boarding & Daycare 

Camp VVMC is open Monday through Fridays, 7:30 a.m. until 6 p.m., and Saturdays, 8:30 a.m. until 4 p.m. We are the ideal solution for all your pet boarding needs. Our modern facility offers all indoor temperature-controlled suites.

All canine boarders receive four to five leash walks per day at no additional charge. All feeding and medicating is done according to your schedule and directions. There is a daily fee for administering medications.

Bathing and veterinary services can even be scheduled during your pet’s stay. Even exotic pets, such as birds, rabbits, and reptiles, are welcome to vacation with us! Our frequent boarders receive the 10th night free! Be sure to get your Camp VVMC card stamped at your next boarding appointment.

VVMC Day Spa

Our Day Spa services include nail trims, brush outs, detangling or clipping of mats, ear cleaning, anal gland expression, and Hydro-surge bathing with final coat fluff and brush after drying. Hydro-surge bathing deep cleans the coat while offering a massaging water therapy for your pet. We use gently fragranced shampoos and coat conditioners with no harsh perfumes.

During Day Spa services, our experienced caregivers assess your pet’s skin and coat for health and wellness. If any abnormalities, such as ear infections, skin infections, parasites, or skin masses, are found, we will call for your permission to have a veterinarian assess your pet’s health and comfort.

Special Needs Guests

For patients with medical conditions, special behavioral needs, or puppies or kittens that have not completed their protective vaccine series, we offer Special Needs Services.

  • Young puppies and kittens are accommodated away from the general population to protect both the adults and babies from contracting potentially contagious illnesses.
  • Dogs or cats with more anxiety or emotional stress will be housed in an area deemed to be appropriate for their needs, minimizing their stress.
  • Patients with medical conditions, such as urinary incontinence, diabetes, seizures, arthritis, or post-surgical care, may be housed away from the general population in our quiet Intensive Care area.

We also provide thick, comfortable bedding and elevated cots to best serve the comfort and cleanliness of our special needs guests. There is no additional charge for special accommodations.

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